Here’s Lookin’ At You, Morocco

Here’s Lookin’ At You, Morocco

By Kensington Tours

Here’s Lookin’ At You, Morocco

A fascinating mediterranean country in North Africa,Morocco is packed with busy bazaars, ancient royal forts, contemporary mosques, and beautiful desert oases. A trip to Morocco will leave you with lasting memories and allow you to experience it’s one-of-a-kind blend of French-African cultures in one exquisite country.

Of all the cities in all the countries in all the world, Casablanca is a can’t-miss stop in Morocco. As a former French outpost, the city’s architecture has European influences. Here you have the opportunity to visit such attractions as the King Hassan II Mosque, the Parc de la Ligue Arabe and the Boulevard of Young Musicians. The King Hassan II Mosque is the third-largest contemporary Muslim mosque in the world. For the best blend of Moroccan culture, take a walk through the Parc de la Ligue Arabe. The layout is traditional French while the flora is natural to Africa. As for the Boulevard of Young Musicians, you will find yourself dancing along to the DJs and musicians that line this stretch of road.

This city is one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. Modern industrialism has made Fes a competitor in the world travel market. Visitors to Fes can take a tour through the beautifully restored Dar el-Makhzen palace or get a glimpse into the everyday like of an urban Moroccan tanner at the Chaouwara Tanneries.

Full of life and history, Marrakech will fulfill your sense of adventure. On a trip to this western city, travelers can stroll through the Jardin Majorelle – twelve-acres of botanical and artist landscape gardens complete with striking architecture and collections of jewelry and other artifacts. The Saadian Tombs and Bahia Palace are also located in Marrakech.

High Atlas Mountains
Jutting up through the center of the country, the High Atlas Mountains are an unforgettable sight. Adventure-seeking visitors can hike the trails and explore Toubkal National Park. The mud-thatched villages of the Berber people also dot these mountains two and a half miles above sea level.


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