Kenya – An African Dream

Kenya – An African Dream

By Kensington Tours

Kenya – An African Dream

If, when you imagine Africa, you picture roaring lions, trumpeting elephants, and dashing antelope, there’s a pretty good chance you’re picturing Kenya. Long a sanctuary for wildlife and humans alike, the country is one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations because it offers everything an African safari should. A tour of Kenya takes travelers through cities, across lakes, and into the wild heart of Africa. Here’s an idea of just some of the things you’re likely to see:

With the majestic Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain behind Kilimanjaro, providing some excellent scenery, the Laikipia plateau covers more than 3,600 square miles – that’s nearly the size of Wales – of thicketed hills and plains dotted with farms, ranches, and parks.

As one of Kenya’s most diverse environments, Laikipia makes it easy to encounter some of the country’s greatest animals, including black rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, and half of the endangered Grevy’s zebras in existence.

Lake Naivasha
Located just a short drive from the big-city hustle and bustle of Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is without a doubt one of Kenya’s most relaxing destinations. Surrounded by green banks that fade into the horizon on a body of water big enough to feel like an unending sea, Naivasha is the highest of the Rift Valley lakes.

Staying through the night can make for one of the great African experiences (and one not to be missed). As the sun sinks and dusk falls, the twinkling of distant stars quickly gives way to a flood of light unlike that seen almost anywhere else on the planet. So if you get the chance, lie back and look up – this is the Africa of legend.

Masai Mara
There’s no one way to see Kenya’s most famous wildlife preserve. Whether it’s from the back of a safari vehicle, on your own two feet, or from the basket of a hot air balloon – Masai Mara will very likely take your breath away when you first arrive.

This magical animal kingdom may be primarily responsible for shaping the image of Africa. A vast expanse of grassland and animal herds, there is seemingly no way Masai Mara could live up to its legendary reputation, yet it does. Many come to Kenya just to see it with their own eyes, and without fail, they walk away feeling they got exactly what they came for.

When travelers tell of their love affair with Africa, the tale usually begins in Kenya. The country has a habit of grabbing hold of visitors and never quite letting go. From the abundant wildlife to the proud people to the unforgettable cities, it is a country that has defined what it means to take an African safari in the same way that Nepal has become synonymous with exotic adventure.

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