Tastes of Hong Kong

Tastes of Hong Kong

By Yuki Ng

Tastes of Hong Kong

Foodie lovers and culture seekers come together in Hong Kong to enjoy the amazing flavors found in this tiny part of Asia. Hong Kong may be small in size, but it sure packs a punch in the culinary world with amazing ethnic foods and a few Michelin-Starred restaurants of their own. From mouth-watering street foods to elegant dining, you’re sure to leave Hong Kong satiated and in high spirits. Get ready for your gastronomic adventure!

Gimme Some Dim Sum

If you love Chinese food then you’ll love this popular Cantonese-style brunch. Getting together with your closest friends to catch up and share a tapas-style meal is a tradition that fills dim sum restaurants on weekend mornings. Perennial favorites like Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) and Siu Mai (open-top pork dumplings) is just the tip of the dim sum iceberg. Add black bean pork ribs, Chinese donut noodle rolls, bbq pork buns, crispy taro dumplings, pan-fried turnip cake, and marinated chicken feet (if you’re adventurous) to your order and you might just find your new favorite.

Street Smart with Street Food

A pastime of the locals is browsing through the many shopping streets in the city with bite-sized food in hand. Ever since Hong Kong’s crackdown on food safety, street food has become safer than ever.  A must-try is the ubiquitous egg waffles found nearly everywhere. These little puffs made with Asian-style waffle batter are the perfect snack for sharing and now come in more flavors than ever before. If you want something more substantial, try a bowl or skewer of curry fried fish balls or beef balls. Choose the spicy option for a bit of a kick.

Café Au Lait in Hong Kong Cafes

Hong Kong cafes are akin to American fast food joints where you can grab a quick bite to eat. You’ve heard of milk with tea and sugar but Hong Kong style milk tea will give that a run for its money. Using specially formulated tea, mixing it with sweetened condensed milk, then add in evaporated milk, you create one of the city’s most popular drinks found in every café. Pairing the drink with BBQ pork rice creates a beloved combo that will make you feel like a local and eat like one too. Come in for breakfast and try another local favorite, macaroni in chicken soup with ham!

Seeing Stars and Eating Like One

Hong Kong is home to the first restaurant in China to receive a Michelin star and now hosts dozens of star-rated restaurants including six 3-star rated dining venues.  For the best in fine Cantonese dining, enjoy expertly crafted menus created by world-renowned chefs in the most elegant settings. Be transported back in time with a traditional meal at Tang Court and experience the lavishness of China’s golden age during the Tang dynasty. Enjoy the best in contemporary Cantonese cuisine with a view of Hong Kong’s famous harbor at Lung King Heen.

Sweets Go in Another Stomach

Save room for some uniquely Hong Kong desserts you may have never tried before. A favorite of locals is the warm sweet soup often served as dessert after your meal. The most popular flavors include: sesame, red bean, and taro, and are savory and thick with a hint of sweetness. For something a little colder and little sweeter, a sago dessert soup may be what you’re looking for. Made with small clear sago balls and coconut milk, they are often flavored with herbal jelly, fruits, and ice cream.

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