See a Different Side of Argentina in Mendoza

See a Different Side of Argentina in Mendoza

By Kensington Tours

See a Different Side of Argentina in Mendoza

Despite its delectable cuisine, storied cultural history and relative proximity, many travelers remain uncertain of what to expect on South America tours. There is much to do and see on this diverse and scenic continent, and though most will want to explore its larger cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, the region’s true beauty can be found on the road less traveled. For travelers who are looking to find the best of both worlds, an excursion to Mendoza, Argentina, may be just what the doctor ordered.

A popular stop for active adventurers hoping to climb the legendary Mount Aconcagua during their Argentina tours, Mendoza is the capital of its eponymous province in Western Argentina. As the city lies on Ruta Nacional 7, a major highway connecting Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile, Mendoza has developed into a frequent travel hub for vacationers looking to venture into the Andes.

Though it is at the center of a lot of attractions in the region, the city is perhaps most famous for its fantastic wines. Thanks to its unique topography, which ranges from lowland foothills to high plains, Mendoza’s soil is incredibly rich, providing an impressive ground for grapes to grow from. In fact, Mendoza is located amidst the largest wine-growing region in Latin America, earning it a spot on the list of the Great Wine Capitals alongside locales like Napa, California, and Bordeaux, France.

While vineyard tours are a big draw for the region, there is much more to see and do on a journey to Mendoza. The city itself boasts a number of attractions that visitors will definitely want to check out during their Argentina tour. Families and nature lovers will want to make a beeline for Parque San Martin, a sizable plot of land filled with beautiful hiking and biking trails, gorgeous foliage and the stunning Cerro de la Gloria, a small mountain topped with a beautiful statue dedicated to the army of the Andes.

Elsewhere in the city, travelers will find the historic Plaza España. This city square commemorates the region’s history of Spanish colonialism with an epic display of traditional art work, familiar Andalusian and Spanish architecture and more. Culture lovers will also want to check out the Plaza Independencia, which is home to a number of classic buildings as well as the Mendoza Museum of Modern Art.

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