Tips for Photographing Landmarks in a Not-So-Typical Way

Tips for Photographing Landmarks in a Not-So-Typical Way

By Caitlin Overend

Tips for Photographing Landmarks in a Not-So-Typical Way

Everyone’s been there – you wait your whole life to visit a famous landmark and when you finally get there and pull out your camera, you realize everyone’s taking the exact same photo. Never fear, our helpful photo tips are here to help! Step up your photo-taking game and ensure that you don’t fall victim to the “seen it a hundred times” photos that so many travelers seem to take.

Get Creative with Framing

A lot of the time you’re going to find you can’t get a straight view of the attraction in front of you – but that’s okay! Use the obstacles in front of you to create a frame for your image. It’s a great workaround and ends up giving you a more creative shot than you would have had before. Trees, flowers, light posts, and all kinds of other objects can create some awesome frames

Throw a Person in the Shot

Landscape photos are great, but landscape photos with people in them are even better. When you’ve got a person in your landscape, it suddenly makes the photo feel more real. It brings the viewer into the shot and allows them to imagine exactly what it would be like to be standing beside the Grand Canyon, or strolling through Versailles. Instead of waiting for your view to be completely clear, get a person or two in there for some great perspective. Throw a friend or yourself in and you might even get a great new profile picture!

Focus on the Details

When in doubt, get up close! Can’t find a unique angle to shoot from? Get up close to some of the smaller details! Sure, Gaudi’s architecture looks great from far away, but have you taken the time to look at how intricate the details are? This can turn into a fun game of “betcha can’t guess where this was taken” with your travel buff friends.

Pro Tip: Instead of battling crowds in front of the Eiffel Tower, head to one of the surrounding streets and get your perfect (and much more unique) shot.

Do Some Research

Before you even arrive at your destination, did you take a moment to look at where other photographers like to take their photos? Instead of going right to the front of an attraction with the other masses of tourists, try finding a side street with a completely different view of it. The beauty of Instagram is you can check tags to see exactly where a picture was taken, and a lot of the time it’ll give you some good insights into where local photographers prefer to go. So, take a few minutes to do a quick virtual tour via some of the photos already online to find the best places to shoot!


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