Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

By Caitlin Overend

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The year is 1862 – May 5, 1862, to be exact. In a highly unlikely turn of events, the small but mighty Mexican army has defeated French troupes in the Battle of Puebla. The day goes down in history as Cinco de Mayo and for centuries to come, it will be celebrated by millions of people – who doesn’t love a good Mexican fiesta?! Most people today don’t know exactly what it is they’re celebrating though. So, instead of opting for all-you-can-eat tacos and margaritas, why not get to know a little more about the country that gave us this (and many other) popular celebrations?

Here’s our list of the top destinations throughout Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo; in a less than typical way.


The home of Cinco de Mayo itself, Puebla is the only city in Mexico that truly celebrates the day. Each year, locals gather to reenact the war – complete with costumes, of course. After the Mexicans win the battle, the celebrations begin with parades, mariachi music, dancing, and a whole lot of food. Puebla also happens to be one of Mexico’s top gastronomic destinations, so prepare to go home full!


If you didn’t already guess, Tequila is the home of… Tequila! For a truly memorable Cinco de Mayo experience, visit a Maestro Tequilero and learn the art of blending. You’ll get to taste white, rested, and aged tequilas, and even take home your very own perfect blend produced by you.


Mexico is home to more Mayan ruins than you can count, but some of the most impressive ruins can be found in Teotihuacan. Step back in time on a tour of the ancient city’s pyramid complex. If you’re up for it, you can even take a hot air balloon ride for a birds eye view!

Punta Mita

If you’re looking for a little romance to spice up your Cinco de Mayo, look no further than the white sand beaches of Punta Mita. Here in your own personal piece of paradise, you can snorkel through crystalline waters, try out some sea kayaking, or simply relax side-by-side on beach loungers as the sun sets in front of you.

After a long day of exploring ruins, strolling through colonial cities, blending tequila, or splashing around at the beach, don’t forget to grab yourself a nice cold margarita. You’ve earned it! And what’s Cinco de Mayo without at least one margarita?

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