Have Books, Will Travel

Have Books, Will Travel

By Yuki Ng

Have Books, Will Travel

Jet-setting bibliophiles, this one’s for you! Whether it’s the call of the grand libraries or the thrill of an old bookshop, we’ve got a list of the world’s best cities for the book-loving wanderer.

What’s more magical than diving into your favorite books? Books are often a respite from our daily lives where we can go anywhere and be anything, much like travel. What better way to escape than marrying your two loves and get whisked away to the worlds where all the magic happens? Walk in the footsteps of legendary authors, discover new favorites in never ending bookstores, and marvel at the pure magic of a great library on these tours for book lovers.

London loves Literature

From Shakespeare to Rowling and Harry to Holmes, London has played host to many great writers and memorable characters. Begin your book tour of London at the British Library where you will come across an impressive glass column running through the library that holds the collection of George III. Relive your favorite stories with tours to the Warner Bros studio, 221b Baker Street, and Platform 9 ¾.  Top off your visit with a can’t-miss show of The Bard at Shakespeare’s Globe. Everywhere you look, there are hidden round blue plaques that mark places where literary greats left their mark.

Buenos Aires Best Bookstores

There’s more to “the Paris of South America” than invigorating tango and European ambiance – Buenos Aires also has the most bookstores per capita in the world! Visit the land where ebooks never took off and explore the insides of some very unique stores. Entering the El Ateneo Grand Splendid will leave you speechless as this century-old former theater has been transformed into the most beautiful bookstore you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Wandering through a second-hand bookstore is like going on a treasure hunt and at Walrus Books you’re sure to find something to pique your interest among their overflowing shelves. If you’re looking for something less busy, grab a book, a coffee, and a chair and settle in at the bookstore café Libros del Pasaje where the guests treat it more like a library.

Talks of Tokyo Town

Home of the haiku and popular author Murakami, Tokyo has a host of treasures to offer the traveling bibliophile. Have you ever wondered what a town filled with books would look like? Jinbocho aka Tokyo’s BookTown is a district close to the universities that have over 150 bookstores all lined up next to each other just waiting for you to come in and browse. After perusing through these small shops, hop on over to one of the world’s biggest bookstores, Tsutaya. With its 3 building structure, serene cafes, and ample reading rooms, you can easily spend a whole day here. End your night at the Book and Bed Hotel where you can sleep in the world’s most comfortable reading nook, surrounded by books.

Venice in Vogue

Close your eyes and picture your dream library. When you step into Venice’s Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana you’ll see your dream come to life. This gorgeous Renaissance building built in the 1500’s is one of the few surviving manuscript depositories of the old world. After you feast your eyes on stone columns and painted ceilings, make your way over to the unassuming Archivio di Stato. Stroll down Italy’s memory lane as you take in the smell of books that are centuries old in this Archive that strives to preserve the city’s historical documents.

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