Europe is for (Coffee) Lovers

Europe is for (Coffee) Lovers

By Caitlin Overend

Europe is for (Coffee) Lovers

There’s nothing quite like that first sip of coffee in the morning. And the second sip. And the cup later in the morning. And maybe another cup at lunch. With so many different types of beans and so many different coffee drinks in existence, it’s hard not to spend the whole day drinking different variations of this delicious gift. Whether you’re reading today’s news, catching up with an old friend, or maybe even falling in love between delectable sips, these cities know how to make the perfect pairing for your trip to Europe.


Home of the cappuccino, latte, and espresso! For any true lover of coffee, Rome is the place to be. To get the true Roman experience, skip the big breakfast and instead drink a cappuccino in the morning. The milk is considered to be too much later in the day, when you switch over to espresso (but be sure to order a caffè – the term espresso is not often used in Italy). Though you may choose to grab a cappuccino and enjoy the views around you, you won’t see locals hang around for long. Italians like their coffee big, bold, and fast, so the coffee lounge concept we’re used to in North America is a foreign concept in the Eternal City.


The next stop on our cross-continent coffee tour is a bit of a surprising one. Perhaps it’s the long, dark winters and cool temperatures that have inspired Iceland’s coffee drinking habits. Or, maybe it’s the skyrocketing rise in foreign travelers looking for a great cup of joe to kick off their busy day of touring Reykjavik. Whatever the case, Reykjavik’s coffee scene has been exploding over the past few decades. Since there are no chains like Starbucks in the country, the local cafés have been stepping up their brew game. From cool Scandinavia minimalism to eclectic bright yellow homes filled with knickknacks, you’re guaranteed a unique café experience wherever you end up.


The Viennese coffee house is such an important part of local culture, it has actually been listed as a UNESCO site. These coffee houses date back to the 17th Century and have housed important writers, artists, musicians, and philosophers. What does this mean for you? A city that has perfected the art of coffee over centuries, and turned that art form into a lifestyle. Upon entering a coffee house you’ll notice two things; first, the opulent design and detail of the décor and second, an intricate list of coffee creations. You might not be familiar with all the names on the list, so take your time and choose the perfect drink.


Unlike our friends in Rome, Parisians believe drinking coffee is more about the experience and prefer to linger longer in their cafés. Intellectuals, artists, and other distinguished people have long used the café as a meeting place; somewhere to discuss their latest and greatest ideas while sipping on hot beverages. Choose one of the century-old cafés and get a side of history with your coffee – some of the greats like Napoleon and Chopin used to spend their evenings here. Though the city hasn’t always had the best reputation in terms of tasty java, it’s begun to redeem itself in recent years. New cafés are constantly popping up with passionate baristas who know how to make a mean cup of coffee. Be sure to check one out on your private tour of Paris!

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