See the surreal in India

See the surreal in India

By Kensington Tours

See the surreal in India

Traveling to India can feel like touring an entirely different planet. With some of the most impressive sights in the world, a distinctive and exuberant culture and a genuinely unique way of living, India is the perfect destination to get a change of pace and a look into a whole new world.

Towering temples
India is known worldwide for having some of the most breathtaking temple sights. For tourists, the Taj Mahal is just the beginning of an eye-opening adventure that will wow and inspire.

Agra_Culture_Taj Mahal_iStock_000011581569Medium
                                                                              India’s iconic Taj Mahal

New Delhi is home to the Swaminarayan Akshardham, a massive Indian temple that is the beautiful embodiment of 10,000 years of Indian architecture, style and tradition. Surrounded by lush gardens and dazzling sculptures, this destination is a perfectly Zen location for travelers escaping the busy city streets. This is the ultimate spot to sink into the rich Indian culture relax on the deep green terrace in the shadow of the illustrious architecture.

For fans of the grandiose, touring the Harmandir Sahib is non-negotiable. Otherwise known as the golden temple, this structure was covered in a layer of gold centuries ago. The brilliance of this shining temple is one of the main reasons it is the most popular tourist attraction in Amritsar. However, it is also a hugely important religious location for the people of India. Thousands flock into this temple in order to pray and quietly contemplate this truly one-of-a-kind structure.

Admirers of the elegant temples that stand in the numerous regions of India can take advantage of an India grand tour and see many of the picturesque palaces, delightful architecture and much more.

Magnificent natural sights
From majestic tigers to idyllic beaches, India is much more than the monumental mega cities that loom over the country’s most populated regions. Seeing some of the natural sights is well worth the travel to southern parts of the country and beyond.

General_Wildlife_Bengal tiger by Indian structure_iStock_000025968831Large
                                                                           Keep an eye out for a Bengal Tiger

Kahna National Park is a serene gem in thickly populated India. This dense, green park is full of bamboo forests, sweeping meadows and gurgling ravines that will make even the most stressed travelers feel at peace. This area is one of the perfect places to see a ferocious tiger prowling through the forested grounds.

Mumbai_Landscape_Palolem Beach_iStock_000012328144Medium
                                                                      The sands of Palolem Beach

Beach lovers will find no better attraction in India than the gorgeous beach of Palolem. This bay lies in between gentle, rolling mountains and has particular calm waters. It is the perfect place in India to relax under a beach umbrella and lounge in the sandy bliss. Palolem also has inexpensive restaurants and a thriving night life tourists would be wise to take advantage of.


For tourists really trying to escape the city crowds, there is no better place to travel than the southern waters of Kerala. This string of lagoons is a natural wonder with deep blue waters, thriving wildlife and beautiful surrounding jungles. Much of southern India is used for agriculture and houseboat tourism, making it a beautiful green area that is thick with the aroma of tea plantations and spice farms. Standing in rigid contrast to the busy cities, southern India is known for its relaxing villages, mystifying mountain ranges and calming culture. Spend some time in the city, but head south to take a break from the hustle and bustle.

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