Top 5 Travel Experiences in Vietnam

Top 5 Travel Experiences in Vietnam

By Kensington Tours

Top 5 Travel Experiences in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia and the country’s travel offerings have never looked better. This exotic land of breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating cultures, and remarkable culinary finesse features extravagant hotels and spas, alluring French colonial architecture, stunning secret islands, delectable culinary tours, and breathtaking cruises. From the sizzling cuisine of Hanoi to the sparking beaches of Phu Quoc, and the hauntingly beautiful limestone peaks of Halong Bay, there is no more exotic and alluring place to visit right now.

Here are the top 5 can’t miss experiences on your next Vietnam tour:

Exquisite Street Food

Across Vietnam there are many top-class restaurants offering high quality Vietnamese specialties, incredible seafood, and even international cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine is light, subtle in flavor and astonishing in variety. The most authentic Vietnamese food is found streetside, where fast turnover and fresh ingredients rule. Taste legendary pho, fresh spring rolls, BBQ pork, grilled octopus, roasted clams, and fruit smoothie dessert. Eating on the street in Vietnam can be among the most memorable and favorite experiences in the country. Let a renowned chef lead you on a private culinary tour to visit his favorite street vendors in Hanoi or Hoi An.

Rich Coffee Culture

French colonists first introduced coffee to Vietnam, and the country is the world’s biggest producer of fine Robusta coffee. The Vietnamese make the most of this bitter variety of bean by roasting it with butter and fish sauce to bring out chocolate notes in the final brew.

Locals tend to drink their coffee incredibly strong with sweetened condensed milk. It is served piping hot, or poured over ice and enjoyed cold. There are no Venti Lattes here and you don’t take your coffee to go. Strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed and leisurely way, so pull up a chair and relax.

Rice Terraces, Lush Forests & Beaches

Vietnam is an exposé of striking landscapes: limestone outcrops of Halong Bay, stretches of sugar-white beaches along the South China Sea, remote upland regions that are home to a variety of ethnic tribes and blossoming fruit orchards along the Mekong delta. Here you’ll see the classical image of Vietnam – shimmering paddy fields dotted with buffaloes and conical-hatted farmers. Feel like relaxing and getting away from it all? Visit beautiful Phu Quoc to discover far-flung beaches, hidden coves, and dazzling uninhabited islands.

Modern Luxury

Vietnam carries with it centuries of history, culture and pride, and yet it’s constantly evolving. It is a country on the move, one that is resilient and buoyant with hope. High-end boutiques line widened roads, luxury hotels and eco-lodges are springing up, and around 37 million motorcycles navigate alluring cities that are in full-tilt. Opulent hotels like the five-star Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi bring luxury travel to a new level, and  getting into the country is easier than ever with visas granted upon arrival and the application process handled by Kensington Tours.

Proud & Peaceful People

The culture of Vietnam is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, yet a little more than forty years after the war, the country has put the past behind it and looks steadfastly towards a bright future. The people are kind, proud and welcoming. Smiles greet international visitors and gracious hospitality is extended to travelers throughout the country. The Vietnamese people have a reverence for family life, a passion for performing arts and a truly infectious lust for life.

With Kensington’s experienced English-speaking guides and private driver, you can interact with friendly locals and experience the real Vietnam. Get inside access to authentic local markets, cultural performances (don’t miss the incredible water puppetry show), delectable private street food tours and charming hillside villages.

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