5 Things That Will Make Your Tour Of Costa Rica Unforgettable

5 Things That Will Make Your Tour Of Costa Rica Unforgettable

By Greg Hayes

5 Things That Will Make Your Tour Of Costa Rica Unforgettable

Because it is one of the most impressively beautiful and evocative countries on the planet, a tour of Costa Rica will delight the senses and tickle your imagination. Between steamy jungles, white sandy beaches and a rich, vibrant culture to explore, there is a long list of things to see and to do.

Whether you’re interested in checking out exotic wildlife, relaxing in the sun, or anything else in between, your tour of Costa Rica will unlock many hidden secrets. Pack up your hiking boots, some sunscreen, and get ready to be enchanted. Here’s what you’ll want to explore once you touch down in Costa Rica.

The Food
After a long flight, odds are you’ll want to find something to eat as soon as possible, and lucky for you, Costa Rica boasts an exciting and dynamic culinary scene. Here, the flavors of Latin America combine with the zest of the Caribbean for dishes that are as enticing as they are delicious.

When down by the water, you’ll want to check out sopa de mariscos. This seafood soup has a tomato broth and uses fresh clams, shrimp, fish and mussels, as well as vegetables. This makes for a great lunch during a full day of exploring.

Often served with honey, fried plantains are another experience you won’t want to miss during your tour of Costa Rica. This treat is delightfully sweet and incredibly savory.

The Volcanoes
Although the country is one of the most geologically active places on earth, you can rest assured there is nothing to fear during a tour of Costa Rica. Instead, there are many opportunities to see mighty peaks and lava flows, giving visitors an unparalleled chance to see just how alive the planet can be.

All told, there are six active volcanoes and more than 60 dormant ones that can be hiked and explored. Arenal, for example, is perhaps the country’s most well-known volcano and is an excellent site to behold during your trip.

The Animals
Costa Rica has pledged to conserve 25 percent of the entire country to conservation efforts, and as a result, wildlife abounds across the country. Between lush jungle environments and coastal waters that team with creatures, there is a long list of wonderful animals to see during your tour of Costa Rica.

In the waters off of the Osa Peninsula, for example, green sea turtles swim alongside reef sharks. Other species such as rays, many types of fish, and the majestic whale shark are also frequent visitors to the shores of Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, in the jungles you’ll encounter an equally amazing cast of creatures. There are hundreds of species of birds, and many of these are found nowhere else on the planet. The jungles are also home to a wide variety of charismatic monkeys, such as the squirrel monkey, while other animals such as sloths and snakes patrol the tree tops.

On the forest floor, the mighty jaguar searches for food, while the elusive but interesting tapir is a rare but exciting sight.

The Beach
There’s a reason the Spanish dubbed Costa Rica the “Rich Coast,” and visitors will be blown away by the beauty of the many beaches the country has to offer. On the western shores, the mighty Pacific crashes into the Costa Rican shore, while on the East Coast, the gentle Caribbean Sea meets white sand. On either side of the country there are fantastic beaches to enjoy. During your tour of Costa Rica, there will be popular strips of sand with all sorts of amenities, as well as more remote areas that offer privacy and solitude.

The Jungle
The wildlife you may encounter in the rainforests of Costa Rica are terrific, but the jungle is home to many other treats. Aside from a dizzying amount of plant species to enjoy, there are all sorts of activities to try.

During your tour of Costa Rica, you may spend an afternoon rafting down a tropical river. Likewise, it is possible you may find yourself zip-linning through the canopy. For a more tame experience, you can also enjoy a guided hiking or biking trip with a local expert.


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