Isle of Skye: Why You Should Go

Isle of Skye: Why You Should Go

By Caitlin Overend

Isle of Skye: Why You Should Go

Traveling to the Isle of Skye is like venturing into the pages of a fantasy novel. Rugged mountains tower over the landscape like giants, and winding paths through mystical fairy glens beckon adventurers on exciting new journeys.

Pebbled with craggy peaks and spotted with charming towns boasting cozy inns and hearth-warmed pubs, the lines between the real and imagined are blurred in the Isle of Skye – and there’s no way visitors and locals alike would rather have it. This island – the largest of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland – has endless enjoyments to offer travelers on luxury holidays and small group tours, from untouched natural vistas to wonders of the more human kind, such as its world-famous distilleries.

So what are you waiting for? Write your own tale for the ages with a luxury adventure tour to the Isle of Skye. Here are five magical reasons to visit:

The Wonderful Birding Opportunities
The Isle of Skye is replete with feathered friends, making it an excellent destination for bird-watching. The island is very active in cataloging the vast variety of birds that call the island home, and in making that information accessible to visitors. Bird-watching reports have been gathered for more than 100 years on the island, and more than 240 species of birds have so far been been documented on the island. Rare and majestic Golden Eagles and White-Tailed Eagles call Skye home, as well as Eurasian Teals, Common Eiders and Red-Breasted Mergansers. Don’t miss getting up close to wildlife by including bird-watching on your travel tour package.

The Rugged Hiking
Hiking the many trails along the Isle of Skye gives you a new perspective on life: that before man, there was resplendent nature as far as the eye could see. Hiking Skye humbles you and shows you something bigger than yourself. Your regular old problems will seem miles away as you scale the Old Man of Storr, a rock formation that peers out across the island, and you join him when you reach the top, surveying it all together.

Another incredible area to hike is the Fairy Pools, at the bottom of the Black Cuillins mountains near Glenbrittle. Legend goes that these effervescent, turquoise-blue pools are the home of fairies, and with one look at these shimmering, crystal-clear waters, you’ll be convinced.

Can’t-Miss Breweries and Distilleries
No adventure tour to the Isle of Skye is complete without making the rounds at the island’s famed breweries and distilleries – you’ll need to refuel after all that exploring, of course!

Visit Isle of Skye Brewery for craft beers fit for a king. The brewery uses local ingredients and mills their own grains on-site to deliver unforgettable beers that have a distinct Skye flavor. This brewery takes its task of creating memorable and authentic beers seriously – its creation came about from a conversation between friends in a pub about how they couldn’t find any good beer on the island. As the story goes, someone made a joke about opening a brewery to make the beer they wanted – and that joke turned into a reality.

If whisky is more your thing, head to Talisker Distillery. It’s the oldest working distillery on the Isle of Skye, and produces the smooth and warm-bodied Talisker whisky, revered the world over for its flavor and quality. Visitors can learn how the classic whisky is produced and can take in the incredible views of the Cuillins mountains and Loch Harport.

The Magnificent Castles
Many clans have settled on the Isle of Skye, with their roots going back nearly 1,000 years. Visitors to the Isle of Skye can still see their stately castles today, getting a glimpse of how these powerful families lived. The most famous of the Isle of Skye castles is Dunvegan Castle, situated in the north of the island alongside Loch Dunvegan. Visitors will marvel at its stone towers and its dramatic location on the rocky shores of the lake. Isle of Skye travel and tours make this castle a must-see for its powerful history: It’s the oldest castle to be continuously occupied in Scotland, as the Clan MacLeod has called it home for an incredible 800 years.

The Historic Clans

Clans were integral to Scottish history, especially on the Isle of Skye, where they shaped land boundaries, formed towns and influenced trade and commerce. The most famous of these families were the MacLeods and the MacDonalds. The MacLeods established the mighty Dunvegan Castle. The MacDonald clan held a number of castles throughout Skye, including Armdale and Tioram. Travelers to the island should make a visit to the Clan Donald Centre, a 20,000-acre estate that includes the engaging Museum of the Isles, which takes visitors through the story of the clan and of the Isle of Skye.

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