Top 6 Winter Experiences on Tour in Norwegian Lapland

Top 6 Winter Experiences on Tour in Norwegian Lapland

By Kensington Tours

Top 6 Winter Experiences on Tour in Norwegian Lapland

Call yourself an adventure traveler? Your Norway tour won’t be complete without a winter visit to the world’s extreme northern wilderness, Norwegian Lapland. An untouched archipelago sitting at the top of the world, this otherworldly region is home to majestic reindeer herds, fascinating Sami culture, awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis, and adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities. With icy Arctic mountains, quiet fjords, and pristine forests waiting to be explored, it’s no surprise that this glistening polar paradise was selected by Lonely Planet as one of its Top Places to Visit in 2015.

King Crab Safari

Beneath the icy surface of Northern Norway’s magnificent fjords, herds of King Crab grow larger and larger. Kensington travelers can venture out on the fjord to catch their very own King Crab, known worldwide for their sweet and delicate meat. Accompanied by a local expert, you’ll learn how to saw a hole in the ice and pull up traditional crab traps. Hold your own King Crab after it emerges fresh from the ocean, and snap a photo to show your friends. Hop on a snowmobile and travel to a nearby fisherman’s cabin where your crab is boiled to perfection and served to your delight.

Experience Authentic Sami Culture

Prepare for a warm welcome into a traditional Sami hut, known as a lavvu, and enjoy an authentic and unforgettable meal with Europe’s northernmost indigenous people. Inside the temporary heated tent (akin to a Native American teepee), savor a traditional hot Sami meal served around an open fire, which may include reindeer stew served with with hot drinks and homemade cake. Accompanied by your guide, you’ll learn firsthand the customs and traditions of the nomadic Sami reindeer herding people.

Witness the Northern Lights

The northern Sami people traditionally believe the Aurora Borealis to be the souls of their ancestors dancing in the sky, and remain silent in their presence. Here in the far north, the dark night sky appears transformed into a radiant watercolor painting, moving and changing shape in front of your eyes. Because of its location within the centre of the Northern Lights zone that circles the Magnetic North Pole, Norwegian Lapland is the best place in Europe to see the lights come out to play. Plan your trip for March 20th 2015 and view a rare solar eclipse.

Ride A Reindeer Sleigh

Glide through a sparkling mountain valley in a wooden sleigh pulled by Lapland’s most iconic animal. Reindeer sleigh is the oldest means of transportation in the north, and an ancient part of Sami culture. Take in the amazing Arctic scenery while pulled through paradise by a single native reindeer. Try your hand at trying lasso-throwing, and catch a reindeer the way the Sami people do. The only tracks in the snow will be your own.

Snow Hotel Sleepover

Jump on a sled with your luggage and enter the fascinating Kirkeness Snowhotel, made entirely of snow and ice! The igloo-like suites feature unique snow carvings and reindeer fur-lined beds, built from scratch every year. The Snowhotel has an ice bar that serves up ice cold Vodka in glasses made of ice, as well as a warm lodge and permanent lavvu where you can enjoy hearty Arctic cuisine such as crab soup, Arctic char and reindeer stew. Before you rest your head for the night, order a northern lights wake up call so you’ll be sure to catch nature’s most spectacular sight during your stay.

Go To The Dogs

Let a team of energetic Alaskan huskies guide you through a sugar-coated wonderland on this adrenaline-pumping sledding adventure. Learn to “mush” as you traverse dense forests, gentle valleys and proud mountains along the pristine Arctic coast. If conditions allow it you can even drive your own sleigh!

For those globetrotters who are ready to experience the many unique highlights of Lapland check out this exotic northern adventure firsthand.

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