Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

By Greg Hayes

Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon is the vacation of a lifetime. Think about it: You just got hitched to the absolute love of your life, you had an amazing party to celebrate it and now you get to slip away and celebrate some much needed alone time. Deciding where to go can be a big decision – almost as big as tying the knot – but you can do it! Pick anything from African safaris to just lounging by the beach with your new spouse.

Of course, every couples’ idea of romance is a little different, so here’s a compilation of destinations for every personality:

1. For the couple who needs adventure: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 
Would you like to wake up, look out your window and see a heard of elephants walking through the backyard? Now you can when you ship out to Africa and stay in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Harper’s Bazaar explained that your honeymoon will be packed with adventure if you choose this destination. Spend the morning on an African safari exploring the Plains and gawking at wildlife, and the evening laughing over a candlelit dinner and couples massages. Wouldn’t it be cool to fall asleep to the sound of a lion’s roar?

Trip tip: Plan your getaway between June and October as the region experiences rainy weather March through may and November and December, reported the source.

2. For the couple who enjoys the luxuries in life: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is an oasis of culture and luxury in the Middle East. explained that you’ll experience some of the best shopping, resort spots, nightlife and modern architecture in the world. The city is surrounded by the desert and Arabian Gulf, though once you’re inside the city you’d never know. If you get sick of the metropolis, suggested you head to a Bedouin camp located in the desert. There you can check out the spice and gold markets. On your trip, you can choose between being a beach bum or a city dweller because Dubai has it all.

Trip tip: Just be sure to watch your PDA – kissing and other signs of public affection can get you into big trouble, even to the point of getting arrested.

3. For the couple who cherishes alone time: Bora Bora
If you want your own bungalow surrounded by white beaches and a clear blue lagoon, look no further. Bora Bora has just that. U.S. News and World Report marked this as one of its favorite tropical honeymoon destinations. Check out the marine life as you snorkel through the reefs – and then enjoy some of the best tuna and mahi-mahi you’ve ever had.

Trip tip: Pack as much alcohol and sunscreen as you can – it’ll be pretty expensive at local shops.

4. For the couple who travel for new food: Florence, Italy
To be honest, you could go anywhere in Italy and consume amazing food, but Florence culture takes the cake – as well as the pizza, pasta and wine. The city also offers multiple venues with breathtaking views. Once you’re done hiking to the top of the Duomo cathedral, shopping at the Ponte Vecchio or lounging around the Piazzale Michelangelo, you can count on a restaurant nearby to overwhelm your taste buds. You won’ t leave this destination with an empty stomach.

Trip tip: Be sure to check out the leather market for some remarkable handmade goods.

5. For the couple who loves traditional romance: Paris, France
If you’re looking for some sweet loving, what better place to head to than the City of Love itself? There are tons of romantic places to stay that overlook that overlook some of city’s famous architecture like the Sacre-Coeur, Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Spend your stay gazing at famous art in the Louvre – home of the Mona Lisa – and touring the luxurious grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Then when you’re hungry find a quaint little cafe to sip espresso and munch on baguettes.

Trip tip: Maximize your trip by learning basic French. Many people in France can speak English, but they appreciate that you’re trying to learn their language – so try asking questions in French first, don’t worry, they’ll still help you!

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