Why Traveling Can Be A Great Way To Embrace Giving Everyday

Why Traveling Can Be A Great Way To Embrace Giving Everyday

By Kensington Tours

Why Traveling Can Be A Great Way To Embrace Giving Everyday

Booking with a company committed to supporting global causes can help your travel investment pay off in more ways than one.

Giving Tuesday, celebrated each year on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving, is in many ways the antidote to four days of excessive feasting and bargain hunting. This post-Thanksgiving social movement kicked off in 2012 and was created to encourage people to rethink spending during the most popular shopping days and consider charitable donations instead.

At Kensington Tours, thanks to our clients, every day is Giving Tuesday.

“Over the past five years, Kensington Tours is proud to have contributed more than 15 percent of our profits to our giving partners, allowing us to create long-term, positive impact for communities around the globe,” says Kensington Tours president Alison Hickey.

Investing in the future of the people and places that make up our global community has always been an important part of the Kensington Tours philosophy. Exploration, education and environmental awareness are not only integral elements of the customized journeys we create, they are also the tenets that drive our giving initiatives.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, the Kensington Tours team is reminded of how thankful we are to our clients for helping us giveback. And, on this occasion, we thought you’d like to know a little more about the wonderful things you make possible.

Check out the amazing initiatives Kensington Tours clients help to support.

Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute
Kensington Tours is a founding partner of Nekton in their First Decent mission, a series of expeditions designed to help conserve the world’s most unknown and least protected ocean, the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean makes up 20 percent of the world’s ocean surface. It is the least explored of the world’s oceans and is now facing challenges from the impact of climate change, which is also having a direct impact on the 2.5 billion people who live on its shores. Nekton’s missions combine scientific research, ocean governance and public engagement.

Oloosinon Primary School
Kensington Tours has partnered with the Maasai community and a local NGO in Kenya’s Trans Mara district to provide better access to education for local young children. Built on land donated by a Maasai elder, the school project has grown from a single kindergarten class with 15 students to a K-8 primary school with current enrolment at more than 700 (including the grandchildren of the elder who donated the land).

Kensington Hall Oloosinon Secondary School for Girls
Developed in tandem with the Maasai community and a local NGO, Kensington Tours has worked to create a new standard of secondary education in Kenya’s Trans Mara district. Not only is this the first high school in the district, but it aims to combine traditional academics with skill-development programs, new facilities, and experienced instructors to encourage generational impact in eradicating poverty and addressing the inequity that many girls face in having access to education. The long-term plan is to supplement the national curriculum with the opportunity to focus on hands-on skills including disciplines in agriculture and dairy production, trade skills, information technology, accounting, and hospitality and tourism-related skills, generating further potential for success in the local economy and beyond.

Upendo Friends School
Kensington Tours has been supporting the children attending the Upendo Friends School in Arusha, Tanzania since 2008. With over a decade of support the company has helped the school grow from a one-room kindergarten with fewer than 20 students to a highly-respected and top-testing English medium primary school serving over 400 of the area’s most vulnerable children. The school is now in the planning phase of building a high school to extend the education opportunities of these children.

Complexe Scolaire Thabiti
Kalemie in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a community where Kensington Tours’ CEO and founder, Jeff Willner, spent part of his youth. His experience there is one of the reasons he built Kensington Tours – to make a difference in Africa. Founded in 1991 with a single kindergarten class, the school’s current 905 students annually rank first in academic standing across all schools in the Congo. At present, post-graduation, extended education opportunities for students are limited. In 2015, Kensington Tours made its first contribution, and in 2017 became a proud funding partner in the development of a new university in Kalemie with grounds finally breaking in 2018 after years of planning.

AMS Community Medical Clinic
With an existing investment in furthering education in the Maasai community in Mara West, it was a natural extension for Kensington Tours to support a local visionary in building a community health medical clinic focused on safe delivery, and pre- and post-natal care. Maternal complications are a leading cause of death in Kenya – preventable with access to proper medical care. Kensington Tours’ support of the clinic has enabled the purchase of critical medical equipment, including an incubator and ambulance to serve the community.

United Way Greater Toronto
As a corporate partner to United Way, Kensington Tours provides critical sponsorship dollars, in-kind travel donations, and volunteer placements to employees to make an impact in their local communities. This partnership allows United Way to support social services in the region, creating opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future. Kensington Tours is proud to support the United Way in successfully exceeding their annual goal of raising over $100M dollars to be invested in local communities in need.

Make-A-Wish Canada
Since Kensington Tours’ partnership with Make-A-Wish began in 2017, the company has annually doubled its support of providing life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Wishes have proven physical and emotional benefits, which can give children with critical illnesses a higher chance of survival. Kensington Tours is also a proud Destination Partner, fulfilling travel wishes for children that would otherwise exceed the funding capabilities of the Make-A-Wish team.

Trails Youth Initiatives
Founded in 1992 by Jim Hayhurst, Trails Youth Initiatives (Trails) works with at-risk youth in the GTA through a four-year experiential learning program to enable them to become contributing members of the community. Since its founding, Trails has had over 500 graduates from the program. Kensington Tours partnered with Trails earlier this year to show  continued support for giving back in its local community by committing to fund 10 youth through the program.

Want to make an individual donation to any of the above initiatives? Contact Kensington Tours’ Director of Giving, Madelaine Emberson, at Madelaine.Emberson@kensingtontours.com to find out how you can help.

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