<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">5 Things That Drive our Passion for Travel</span>

5 Things That Drive our Passion for Travel

5 Things That Drive Our Passion for Travel

We love to travel and it’s disappointing to know that along with the rest of the world we can’t travel at this moment. Even though we are putting travel plans on pause, for now, we won’t let this dim our passion for travel. This is why on a weekly basis our team will be sharing their experiences and talking about the places they love in our new #WhyILove series. For many of us, our travel experiences started prior to us joining the travel industry. It’s this passion for travel that has driven us and shaped our lives, and that’s the passion to see the world differently.

It’s this drive that has led us to not only creating trips of a lifetime but having them for ourselves because we love to travel. Travel has the power to connect us to the world on so many levels which makes us feel human. Below our team talks about what drives their passion for travel and what they love most about travel.

The excitement that comes with planning your trip, thinking about where you want to go, what you want to see and what you’ll discover.

One of my favorite parts about travel is planning, I know it might be a little tedious for some, but I love it. I think it’s because I’m figuring out everything I’ll get to do and having those moments to envision what the trip will be like that builds so much anticipation and excitement.

– Destination Expert, Gabrielle Smith

The association of exploration can lead to self-discovery and create memories that follow us for the rest of our lives.

What I love about travel is being able to discover the world for myself. Travel is so powerful because it has this unique ability to create personal experiences in places trekked by many. Some of my most vivid memories come from my trips and these experiences have allowed me to bond with people from all over the world. Travel leads you to self-discovery even when you don’t set out with that intention.

– Sales Director, Sean Hebert

Travel can lead us on a path we never sought out and to people we would never have imagined meeting; forming connections, we wouldn’t have thought possible.

One of my favorite things about travel is meeting locals. There’s something interesting when you’re not in your hometown, there’s a vulnerability to it that allows you to easily connect with people. This gives you that insider access, like where the best restaurants or bars are but, more importantly, the local stories and people who make the place so interesting. It can make coming home bittersweet but, I always stay connected through social media and this keeps the memories alive.

– Product Director, Marc Sison

Food connects us to our destination and the people that we meet.

Eating local dishes is definitely something I plan into all my trips. I love tasting the different combination of flavors, whether it’s an entrée, dessert or cocktail or wine! I think food can tell you a lot about a place and its people. It’s been my way of bringing my travels home with me too.

– Procurement Director, Jolene Plant

Travel gives us the ability to see into the past – the places we’ve read about in history books, experiencing cultures we’ve studied and appreciating art in so many different forms.

I think one of the things I love most about travel is getting to see so many different cultures and the history that’s shaped them. You grow up learning about places, you reserve them as stories and when you get to experience them in person it really shifts your perspective. It’s a magical thing about travel, it makes you live out the world and see it from so many different angles.

– President, Alison Hickey

In a time when normalcy has given way to uncertainty and when real-time updates and news reports fight for our attention, we can choose to embrace the unknown. This is what travel is about – the idea that you can create new stories in places you’ve never been; from things you’ve never seen or done before. We want to hear your travel stories and what drives you to travel. Together, we can relive your favorite travel moments or destinations. Share your passion for travel with us on your own social channels by tagging @kensingtontours and using #WhyILoveTravel and #KTStayConnected in your posts

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